Expression, Localization and Functional Activity of the Major Na+/H+ Exchange Isoforms Expressed in the Intestinal Cell Line Caco-2BBe

Yu, Yan; Seidler, Anna; Zhou, Kunyan; Yuan, Zhenglin; Yeruva, Sunil; Amiri, Mahdi; Yun, Chris C.; Nikolovska, Katerina; Seidler, Ursula

BACKGROUND/AIMS: Enterocytes express a number of NHE isoforms with presumed localization in the apical (NHE2, 3 and 8) or basolateral (NHE1) membrane. Functional activity and localization of enterocyte NHE isoforms were assessed using fully differentiated Caco-2BBe cells, whose genetic expression profile closely resembles mature enterocytes. METHODS: The activity of the different NHEs was analyzed by fluorometric pHi-metry in a perfusion chamber with separate apical and basolateral perfusion, using specific inhibitors and shRNA knockdown of NHE2. The expression of the NHEs and of other relevant acid extrusion transporters was quantified by qPCR. RESULTS: Quantitative comparison of the mRNA expression levels of the different NHE isoforms in 14 day-differentiated Caco-2BBe cells showed the following order: NHE2>NHE8>NHE3>NHE1. Acid-activated NHE exchange rates in the basolateral membrane were >6-fold higher than in the apical membrane. 79 +/- 3 % of the acid-activated basolateral Na(+)/H(+) exchange rate displayed a NHE1-typical inhibitor profile, and no NHE2/3/8 typical activity could be observed. Analysis of the apical Na(+)/H(+) exchange rates revealed that approximately 51 +/- 3 % of the total apical activity displayed a NHE2/8-typical inhibitor profile and 31 +/- 6 % a NHE3-typical inhibitor profile. Because no selective NHE2 inhibitor is available, a stable NHE2 knockdown cell line (C2NHE2KD) was generated. C2NHE2KD displayed a reduced NHE2-typical apical Na(+)/H(+) exchange rate and maintained a lower steady-state pHi, despite high expression levels of other acid extruders, in particular NBCn1 (Slc4a7). CONCLUSION: Differentiated Caco-2BBe cells display particularly high mRNA expression levels of NHE2, which can be functionally identified in the apical membrane. Although at low intracellular pH, NHE2 transport rate was far lower than that of NHE1. NHE2 activity was nevertheless essential for the maintenance of the steady-state pHi of these cells


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Yu, Yan / Seidler, Anna / Zhou, Kunyan / et al: Expression, Localization and Functional Activity of the Major Na+/H+ Exchange Isoforms Expressed in the Intestinal Cell Line Caco-2BBe. 2019.

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