A concept analysis of the term migrant women in the context of pregnancy

Balaam, Marie-Clare ORCID; Haith-Cooper, Melanie ORCID; Pařízková, Alena; Weckend, Marina Joanna; Fleming, Valerie ORCID; Roosalu, Triin ORCID; Vržina, Sanja Spoljar

AIM: This paper explores the concept of migrant women as used in European healthcare literature in context of pregnancy to provide a clearer understanding of the concept for use in research and service delivery. METHODS: Walker and Avant's method of concept analysis. RESULTS: The literature demonstrates ambiguity around the concept; most papers do not provide an explicit or detailed definition of the concept. They include the basic idea that women have moved from an identifiable region/country to the country in which the research is undertaken but fail to acknowledge adequately the heterogeneity of migrant women. The paper provides a definition of the concept as a descriptive theory and argues that research must include a clear definition of the migrant specific demographics of the women. This should include country/region of origin and host, status within the legal system of host country, type of migration experience, and length of residence. CONCLUSION: There is a need for a more systematic conceptualization of the idea of migrant women within European literature related to pregnancy experiences and outcomes to reflect the heterogeneity of this concept. To this end, the schema suggested in this paper should be adopted in future research.


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Balaam, Marie / Haith-Cooper, Melanie / Pařízková, Alena / et al: A concept analysis of the term migrant women in the context of pregnancy. 2017.

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