A Short History of Skin Grafting in Burns : from the Gold Standard of Autologous Skin Grafting to the Possibilities of Allogeneic Skin Grafting with Immunomodulatory Approaches.

Due to groundbreaking and pioneering developments in the last century, significant improvements in the care of burn patients have been achieved. In addition to the still valid therapeutic standard of autologous split-thickness skin grafting, various commercially available skin substitutes are currently available. Significant progress in the field of tissue engineering has led to the development of promising therapeutic approaches. However, scientific advances in the field of allografting and transplant immunology are of great importance. The achievement of various milestones over the past decades has provided thought-provoking impulses in the field of skin allotransplantation. Thus, biologically viable skin allotransplantation is still not a part of the clinical routine. The purpose of this article is to review the achievements in burn surgery with regards to skin allotransplantation in recent years.


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