The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test: Split-Half Reliability Estimates for a Self-Administered Computerized Variant.

Self-administered computerized assessment has the potential to increase the reach of neuropsychological assessment. The present study reports the first split-half reliability estimates for a self-administered computerized variant of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST), which is considered as a gold standard for the neuropsychological assessment of executive functions. We analyzed data from a large sample of young volunteers (N = 375). Split-half reliability estimates for perseveration errors, set-loss errors, and inference errors were all above 0.90. Split-half reliability estimates for response time measures on switch and repeat trials exceeded 0.95. Our results indicated sufficient split-half reliability for a self-administered computerized WCST, paving the way for an advanced digital assessment of executive functions. We discuss potential effects of test formats, administration variants, and sample characteristics on split-half reliability.


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