Non-Invasive and Surgical Modalities for Scar Management : a Clinical Algorithm

Scars can lead to aesthetic and functional impairments. The treatment of scars requires meticulous planning and an individually adapted therapeutic strategy. A conceptual algorithm for scar treatment makes everyday clinical work easier for the practitioner and offers more safety for the patient. Based on a retrospective analysis of 1427 patients who presented for treatment of a variety of scars, we developed an algorithm for scar management and treatment. The treatments are presented using case descriptions. Additionally, an electronic search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, and databases was performed utilizing combinations of relevant medical subject headings for "scar treatment", "hypertrophic scar treatment" and "keloid treatment". Reference lists of relevant articles and reviews were hand-searched for additional reports. Observed outcomes included: conservative scar therapy, minimally invasive scar therapy, and surgical scar therapy using local, regional and free flaps. With this work, we provide an algorithm for safe scar treatment. For better understanding, we have described a clinical case for each algorithm modality.


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